On a visit to my GP last summer after enduring chronic back pain for some weeks, she suggested that I try the Alexander Technique rather than serious painkillers. I found Kim's website and made an initial appointment. I had not researched Alexander Technique prior to visiting Kim so went with a completely open mind. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis but knew that the back pain was not related to the existing condition. I have not looked back and now understand how important posture and balance really are.

Alexander Technique is very hard to articulate, but I think it is about intelligent awareness, mindfulness and really knowing how to disperse the weight of your head and body with focus and gentle movement. I have recommended it to several people since I began with Kim and I am grateful not to have had to resort to strong painkillers for my back pain. I will continue to practise the technique to keep that sense of balance firmly in my mind. It gets easier if you practise the technique daily. – Yvonne, Lymm, Warrington

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