Helping yourself to reduce neck pain 

Often its the way we use our body that can cause neck pain from tablet hunch, to carrying a handbag or looking down when walking.

Head dropping using tablet can cause neck pain







  Walking with a handbag can cause neck and shoulder pain


A new study gives the thumbs up for the Alexander Technique as an effective tool to reduce and avoid the causes of neck pain.

Neck pain man sitting

At 6 months, 81% (106/131) of Alexander participants reported significant improvement in the way they lived and cared for themselves (versus 23% for usual care), increasing to 87% (117/135) at 12 months (usual care: 25%). These scores at both 6 and 12 months were related to improvement in self-efficacy and ability to reduce pain during daily life.

Helping you ease tension in your neck that causes pain

Alexander Technique lessons led to long-term improvements in the way participants lived their daily lives and managed their neck pain. Alexander lessons promote self-efficacy and self-care, with consequent reductions in chronic neck pain.

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Roger says

"My neck pain has gone, I am more aware of my standing, sitting, bending walking and writing, all of which have improved.
So thank you very much indeed. I have enjoyed our sessions together and would gladly recommend you to others."

and Susan “I had a lot of tension in my neck & shoulders most of this is gone.”