The Alexander Technique can have great benefits for sports enthusiasts, performers and musicians




I have used the Technique to improve my golf. There is more fluidity to my stroke. I have learnt to stop "end gaining" that is trying too hard to hit the ball a long way and am more focused and present. The ball as a result goes much further. I am much less likely to fluff up a putt as I am able to ignore external pressures of trying to sink the putt.



Sometimes we overreactto the terrain and tense up. The Alexander Technique gives us the tools to eliminate such habits. Think freedom in the knees and hips as the knees release forward and away, just allowing the skis to follow the terrain. There is a great video of young children skiing just illustrating this perfectly - You've got to be Free to Ski


I have also applied the Technique to cycling. It is essential to be aware of your sitting bones and to attend to the length of your spine. Think of free hips and knees going forward and away. Do not over grip the handle bars.


Musicians, Performers and Public Speakers

The Alexander Technique is taught in a large number of music colleges and drama schools. It helps prevent injury with musicians and improves their breathing. It can also help with stage fright. Alexander himself was a performer and public speaker and he was able to resolve his own speech problems through observation and increased self awareness. The Technique is a very useful tool for those people who regularly have to make presentations in their work.