I have suffered with lower back pain for more than 15 years, caused by a herniated disc.

I had traction, physio and ultimately a spinal injections, none of which provided long lasting relief.

I discovered the Alexander Technique about 5 years after my injury.

This allowed me to live a pretty normal life with much less pain and many more capabilities.

For 10 years I did not require any medical intervention.

1 year ago, I moved a Chimenea in the garden and twisted badly, I could not stand up straight for 1 week.

Since then I have tried many things including pain killers, chiropractor, stretching etc... none of which provided lasting relief.

My wife booked me on the Alexander Technique course with Kim at Lowton High School.

Relearning the Alexander Technique started my road to improvement.
Simple changes like the way I sit and the chair I use have made a big difference.

I am not 100% pain free yet, but I have almost no disc (l5 S1), so completely pain free may not be a realistic goal.

I now see Kim every 6 weeks to help keep me on track and I am improving every day.

I completed my first 5km Park Run this weekend, which I don't think could have happened had I not attended the course!

Lowton, Cheshire
Age 35

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