It was only by chance that I saw Kim's Alexander Technique course advertised on a notice board in a local shopping centre. I had suffered from lower back pain for around six years and had been under a chiropractor for that time. Regular chiropractic wasn't really helping me as I would often be left in more pain after the treatment. I was not getting a proper explanation as to what was causing the pain and on my last visit it was suggested that the pain was in my head! To add insult to injury, I had paid around £1600 for it. My AT course was £60 which was such a fantastic investment in myself and considerably less than I paid for chiropractic treatment.

I booked the AT course with Kim hoping that I might get a slight improvement. After the first lesson I had my first pain free week in six years !! On arriving for the second lesson, two members of the group pointed out that my posture had improved .Now that the five week course has finished, I have remained pain free, I don't get out of breath for no good reason. I found the course easy to understand and found that changes to how I move and hold myself have benefited me.

The course was well delivered, concise and relevant to everyday life. I am now aware of how much less effort can be put on my body just by doing things in the AT way. Even if you're not in any pain now, I would still suggest AT to anybody as a way of preventing aches and pains that could arise as we get older


I would recommend the Alexander Technique to anybody. Kim is an excellent teacher and obviously believes in the subject and as I'm now pain free, I can’t thank her enough.


David Kennedy (Warrington)


David 5 months after his group lessons finished. All is still well with the back thanks : ) I have stuck quite rigidly with the lying down exercise and probably have only missed doing it a couple of times in total. No doubt I have forgotten quite a bit but still always use the seating position, getting in and out of a chair, driving position, and monkey whenever possible.

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