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    How does the Alexander Technique help with back pain?


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    One of the factors in non-specific low back pain is thought to be abnormal muscle tone with harmful uncoordinated tension of longitudinal and diagonal muscles along the spine and elsewhere, leading to shortening of the spine and compression of vertebrae and discs.
    During Alexander Technique lessons the teacher assesses where there is unwanted tightening of muscles and helps the pupil recognize self-damaging habits that cause or aggravate their pain and to avoid them.
    Once the pupil has learnt to recognise these harmful habits they are well on the way to helping themselves to solving their back pain problem. Learning how to carry out daily activities such as sitting, standing and bending in an easier and less harmful way can help eradicate the causes of back pain. 

    The Alexander Technique: 

    1. Has no side effects and is safe
    2. Addresses the bio-psycho-social nature of chronic pain
    3. Teaches you to identify the habits that might be creating your pain
    4. Teaches you skills to improve body awareness
    5. Helps you to know what to do to change the pain
    6. Helps with pain that is related to posture, tension or movement patterns
    7. Is a good alternative if pain treatments don’t work
    8. Teaches you to work with yourself to change the pain
    9. Calms the nervous system
    10. Improves coordination
    11. Looks at the whole system and reduces pressure on the whole system so the pain response is less likely
    to be triggered
    12. Gives you coping strategies
    13. Gives you a new dimension for thinking about pain

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    Testimonial - chronic back pain after slipped discs

    free-yoursel-from-back-pain"I heard about the Alexander Technique while looking for alternative therapies to help with my back pain. So when Kim began her practice in this area I was willing to try it.

    I have found the instruction extremely helpful and Kim's delivery is clear and encouraging. I recommend this for anyone who suffers from aches and pains that they can't put their finger on the cause, or actual problems like my own for which pain relief is not a cure! Its been great to take positive action to help myself and eliminate my back pain."

    Angela (Warrington) 

     The Alexander Technique is great for back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.


    Because it helps you identify and eliminate tension that can cause pain.


    You’ll learn skills for effortless posture.

    You’ll have skills to manage the pain when it hits.

    You’ll have tools to reduce the chances of pain coming back.

    It helps eliminate poor posture and tension associated with pain.

    And it's safe 

    The doctor from the charity Backcare gives the Alexander Technique 5/5 for the treatment of back pain and it doesn't involve taking any pills!

    Would you like to find out more? Contact me for a free no obligation 15 minute consulation over the phone to discuss how I might be able to help you. Telephone: 07854 025726 Email contact form           


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    Medical evidence supports Alexander Technique as an efffective treatment for back pain

    In August 2008 a clinical trial was published in the British Medical Journal.

    This scientific study compared the effectiveness of Alexander Technique lessons exercise and massage for chronic and recurrent back pain.

    The study involved 579 patients. Results / outcomes were measured using the Roland Morris Disability Score where patients were asked to respond to statements representing the ways that back pain affects a patient’s life and also the number of days in pain over a 28 day period.

    The best results of the trial were found in the group of patients receiving 24 Alexander Technique lessons. In this group one year after the trial the patients had a 42% reduction in the number of activities limited by lower back pain and the number of days in pain over a 28 day period had reduced to 3 days per month compared with 21 days in pain in the control group which received normal GP care.

    This represents an 86% reduction in the number of days in pain.

    This video explains the full details of the trial and how the Alexander Technique can help you to reduce back pain.

    Helping yourself to reduce neck pain

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         A new study gives the thumbs up for the Alexander Technique as an effective tool to reduce and avoid the causes of neck pain.

        At 6 months, 81% (106/131) of Alexander participants reported significant improvement in the way they lived and cared for themselves (versus 23% for usual care), increasing to 87% (117/135) at 12 months (usual care: 25%). These scores at both 6 and 12 months were related to improvement in self-efficacy and ability to reduce pain during daily life.

    Alexander Technique lessons led to long-term improvements in the way participants lived their daily lives and managed their neck pain. Alexander lessons promote self-efficacy and self-care, with consequent reductions in chronic neck pain.

    Find out more - read the published article