Kim communicates total confidence in the Alexander Technique from the first lesson. This is perhaps most important in the physical realm because AT is only really meaningful as a lived experience. I felt at ease with Kim from the very beginning and over the course of a year I have much less pain and more ease in movement than I’ve felt in a long time. More importantly, real insight into how I move has never stopped growing and this is permanent. If you’re considering Alexander lessons, take the leap knowing that with Kim, you’re in safe hands.


“Kim came to speak to a retirement group I belong to and as the Alexander Technique was something I had thought of learning about for a while I was very interested.  Her talk to the group was inspiring so I arranged to take some sessions as an individual.  This proved to be an excellent choice as I both enjoyed the sessions and came away with some ideas and exercises which have made a difference to the way I move.  With less effort I am now able to rise from the chair, climb stairs and lift my granddaughter.  I feel that my posture has improved and that, although I still need to practice putting the techniques mindfully into everyday life as I sometimes forget,  it has been a very positive experience.  Kim was able to tailor the sessions to me and my capabilities and was professional, knowledgeable and encouraging.  Unlike a beauty salon treatment this technique will give you benefits that are long lasting!  I recommend Kim and her practice to anyone.”



My neck pain has gone, I am more aware of my standing, sitting, bending walking and writing, all of which have improved.
So thank you very much indeed. I have enjoyed our sessions together and would gladly recommend you to others.

Ann who attended my group classes “I have found the sitting position very beneficial and the monkey position relieves pain in my lower back when I am bending. The course was well presented by Kim and very interesting.”
and Susan “I had a lot of tension in my neck & shoulders most of this is gone.”


Many thanks for your recent workshop, your knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious.

I would like to mention your help with my neck problem and climbing stairs.

For some years now I have had problems with my neck. It started with a badly designed work station. I have been doing the Semi-supine position and realised, with your help, that I have been lying incorrectly for many years whilst doing Pilates.  Your explanation to lie with 2 thin cushions - keeping my neck in alignment in my classes has helped enormously.  I am more aware of the "head, neck, back relationship" and lengthening the spine and the weight of my head.

I can sometimes have difficulty climbing stairs due to low back pain. I have had several physio sessions and acupuncture and the pain has returned.  I am trying to stop and think. I lengthen my spine, I think about neck balance, support from my feet and amazingly it makes a difference. I no longer pull myself up the stairs. I have to remember to stop and think.

Many thanks Kim, for your help, patience, understanding and kindness.  I have waited a few weeks to write to you to see if my neck is still okay. Yes, my neck is still improving and so much better in Pilates and every day life. Thank you again for your introduction to The Alexander Technique and all your help.  

Best wishes
Linda D. 

Yvonne - Recommended by her GP

On a visit to my GP last summer after enduring chronic back pain for some weeks, she suggested that I try the Alexander Technique rather than serious painkillers. I found Kim's website and made an initial appointment. I had not researched Alexander Technique prior to visiting Kim so went with a completely open mind. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis but knew that the back pain was not related to the existing condition. I have not looked back and now understand how important posture and balance really are. Alexander Technique is very hard to articulate, but I think it is about intelligent awareness, mindfulness and really knowing how to disperse the weight of your head and body with focus and gentle movement. I have recommended it to several people since I began with Kim and I am grateful not to have had to resort to strong painkillers for my back pain. I will continue to practise the technique to keep that sense of balance firmly in my mind. It gets easier if you practise the technique daily. 


It was only by chance that I saw Kim's Alexander Technique course advertised on a notice board in a local shopping centre. I had suffered from lower back pain for around six years and had been under a chiropractor for that time. Regular chiropractic wasn't really helping me as I would often be left in more pain after the treatment. I was not getting a proper explanation as to what was causing the pain and on my last visit it was suggested that the pain was in my head! To add insult to injury, I had paid around £1600 for it. My AT course was £60 which was such a fantastic investment in myself and considerably less than I paid for chiropractic treatment

I booked the AT course with Kim hoping that I might get a slight improvement. After the first lesson I had my first pain free week in six years !! On arriving for the second lesson, two members of the group pointed out that my posture had improved .Now that the five week course has finished, I have remained pain free, I don't get out of breath for no good reason. I found the course easy to understand and found that changes to how I move and hold myself have benefited me.

The course was well delivered, concise and relevant to everyday life. I am now aware of how much less effort can be put on my body just by doing things in the AT way. Even if you're not in any pain now, I would still suggest AT to anybody as a way of preventing aches and pains that could arise as we get older
I would recommend the Alexander Technique to anybody. Kim is an excellent teacher and obviously believes in the subject and as I'm now pain free, I can’t thank her enough.

5 months after his group lessons finished. All is still well with the back thanks : ) I have stuck quite rigidly with the lying down exercise and probably have only missed doing it a couple of times in total. No doubt I have forgotten quite a bit but still always use the seating position, getting in and out of a chair, driving position, and monkey whenever possible.


I approached Kim to help with my general posture and riding seat. Although I don't have any physical ailments, having spent much of the past ten years tied to a desk job I was beginning to feel that my posture was suffering. Through the course of a few sessions Kim covered sitting, walking, running, riding and breathing.  My self awareness has increased massively as a result  - recognising that I have a tendency to lock my knees out when standing was definitely enlightening; particularly given that I come from a family with a history of serious knee issues!   The exercises Kim has taught me have proved useful in multiple settings and I now feel I have the foundations to prevent future posture related problems."


I recently interviewed Angela 6 years after taking lessons and asked her about the long term benefits:
“I am not in pain everyday like I was and I didn’t know what to do about it. If you don’t know what you are doing wrong you don’t know how to fix it.
It might be a cliché but “ more haste, less speed” is perfect for this situation. – if you overdo it you suffer , by focussing on your awareness in advance you don’t hurt yourself. 
I am not frightened now – it gives you confidence through knowledge.
Four years after having had individual lessons Angela came to an Introductory Group Class I was running. “It was a great refresher, I realised I had forgotten quite a lot I had learnt and learnt from observing others what I didn’t know about. It was great re-inforce what I already knew.”
“It’s in your head and your body, only you can make the changes”


I decided to walk across to the retail park today. When I got back and checked my fitbit it said that I had covered 5.4 miles for the day. Seeing that I had only been pottering about in the house before that including a lot of time at my computer desk, I must have walked near enough five miles. Normally I would have been in pain and my lower back almost completely seized. I am happy to say that I only had sore feet (probably from wearing light trainers), a few achy muscles and a slight pain in my lower back. I could have happily continued.
Feel free to use this as a recommendation.
Brian W 


I contacted Kim after reading about the Alexander Technique on the internet. I searched for teachers in the Manchester area and Kim's website popped up so I booked an appointment. My particular problems are Fibromyalgia, stress related head and neck pain, jaw pain which caused trigeminal neuralgia on a regular basis. My one to one appointments with Kim have helped me immensely and I am so glad that I decided to go for it and book an initial session. My posture has improved especially at work, driving my car and my posture 'bad habits' are improving week by week. This is gradually reducing the pain I experience on a daily basis. The main breakthrough for me is my neuralgia pain which has decreased and this is a huge relief... I know for sure this is because of the AT technique. None of the above though would have been possible if it wasn't for Kim's patience, understanding and simple/clear instructions she is a fab teacher!    

Ruth attended evening classes

The class was advertised alongside other evening classes I wanted to join.
I have long term neck and shoulder problems, so thought I’d give it a try.
The classes were fun. We did lots of guided practice together, as well as being taught about the techniques.
By the end of the course I had reduced my painkillers, and regained some height.
I would recommend it, even for the fit and healthy, to keep themselves that way.
Glad I did it. The classes were good, and I’m still using what I learned.


I have suffered with lower back pain for more than 15 years, caused by a herniated disc.
I had traction, physio and ultimately a spinal injections, none of which provided long lasting relief.
I discovered the Alexander Technique about 5 years after my injury.
This allowed me to live a pretty normal life with much less pain and many more capabilities.
For 10 years I did not require any medical intervention.
1 year ago, I moved a Chimenea in the garden and twisted badly, I could not stand up straight for 1 week.
Since then I have tried many things including pain killers, chiropractor, stretching etc... none of which provided lasting relief.
My wife booked me on the Alexander Technique course with Kim at Lowton High School.
Relearning the Alexander Technique started my road to improvement.
Simple changes like the way I sit and the chair I use have made a big difference.
I am not 100% pain free yet, but I have almost no disc (l5 S1), so completely pain free may not be a realistic goal.
I now see Kim every 6 weeks to help keep me on track and I am improving every day.
I completed my first 5km Park Run this weekend, which I don't think could have happened had I not attended the course!
Lowton, Cheshire
Age 35


December 2015

I contacted Kim as I had been advised by my consultant that the Alexander Technique would be the best long term help for my bulged disc in my neck. I am so glad that I did as Kim is an excellent teacher, has great knowledge and tailors each session so that it is life relevant to you. It has really helped me over the last 12 months and I now stop and think about how I should do things and hopefully have developed some new habits to break some life- long traits that have contributed to my neck issues. I am now back running again and playing hockey which my neck pain was preventing me from doing. I would highly recommend getting in touch if you have any form of back or neck pain.


August 2015

I was already a student of Kim's when I fell off a bike and broke my kneecap in February. I was in a cast from ankle to mid thigh and partially weight bearing on crutches. Kim assessed my walking and guided me in how to walk on my crutches in a more balanced way. Over the next few months, using the walking techniques Kim had taught me previously, I was able to re learn how to walk without a limp. Six months on I am cycling regularly again, often 20 - 30 miles at a time and back dancing 
modern jive..The Alexander Technique has enabled me to gain full mobility without the fear of holding back because of pain.

Kim explains the Technique very clearly and gently.re - aligns your body with her hands. She is very innovative in her approach and willing to experiment with new techniques, many of which she has introduced me to.


Audrey (94) and Barbara (85)

"We have thought for some time now that we should like more people to know about Kim. At 94 and 85 years, we have enjoyed (and benefited from) her lessons in the Alexander Technique. She has sensitive hands to identify trouble spots, energy, resourcefulness in her approach...and a sense of fun! Many folk would have been discouraged by the thought of eighty or so years of misuse! but we have been gently guided into better habits of posture, movement, and use of limbs , and therefore into better health and enjoyment of life. Try the Technique. You'll never regret it." Audrey and Barbara (Wirral).  

Jon-Long term back pain

"Having suffered from back pain for 12 years I have been through numerous physiotherapy sessions and pain clinics. Mostly, the advice I have heard is that my injury is incurable and that I would suffer from back pain for the rest of my life. I came across the Alexander Technique and was naturally cynical that this could work "for me", after all even a surgeon had told me there was nothing that could be done to help. However, I gave it a try with a discounted first session and an open mind. I've never looked back since. After a few sessions I started to pick up the techniques, and haven't been so free of pain in 12 years. Since I started the sessions, I have gone from experiencing pain on a daily basis to only experiencing pain once or twice a fortnight. I have even been able to take up cycling, decorating and gardening without suffering from the agony these used to lead to." Jon (Bolton) 

Frank (Warrington) 

Following a cartilage injury to my Knee and follow up physio I found that I was walking with a pronounced limp, I needed to relearn how to walk .  After a few Alexander sessions with Kim my limp has now gone, I am able to walk much further comfortably and my core strength is improving. Highly recommended. 

Recommendation - Mary

I would like to express my thanks to Kim Cant for her Alexander Technique therapy sessions.I have cancer of the spine hips and ribs and following radiotherapy and chemo I had great difficulty in being able to get up from low chairs, etc, I also had difficulty walking and climbing stairs, however by following Kim's advice and training I can now easily get up from low chairs, my walking has improved and I can now climb the stairs with both feet rather than pulling myself up with the handrail.  I would recommend the Alexander technique to everyone who has back or mobility problems. 

Angela - Chronic back pain after slipped discs 

"I heard about the Alexander Technique while looking for alternative therapies to help with my back problem. So when Kim began her practice in this area I was willing to try it. I have found the instruction extremely helpful and Kim's delivery is clear and encouraging. I recommend this for anyone who suffers from aches and pains that they can't put their finger on the cause, or actual problems like my own for which pain relief is not a cure! Its been great to take positive action to help myself." Angela (Warrington)

 Lyn - chronic back pain

"I have had chronic lower back pain for approx 7 years and during that time have had several sessions with a physiotherapist, an osteopath, have had injections and have tried anti inflammatory tablets for my condition. At worse i have had no relief from the pain and at best it has been short term relief only, so when I came across details of the Alexander technique I thought I would give it a try. After a series of sessions with Kim I now use the techniques myself and find that the pain is more manageable with the occasional day being pain free! The techniques are easy to use and adapt into your daily routine. Thank you Kim for providing me with strategies to successfully manage my back pain, I wish I had discovered the Alexander technique sooner. Lyn, Warrington"

Michelle - Scoliosis

"I have had scoliosis from the age of 11 and had numerous surgeries to correct it. I have always had back pain since then, which has got progressively worse as time has gone on.

I heard about the Alexander Technique through an article in a magazine and thought I'd try it as I was looking for a way to manage my pain without taking daily medication.

I have found the technique extremely helpful both physically and mentally. It helps me think a lot more about what I'm doing and the way I move and use my body. This has led me to breaking bad habits and carrying out activities in a way that is much more back friendly which is in turn improving my pain levels." Michelle (St Helens)

The Scoliosis Society


Margaret (Warrington)

I found I was very relaxed after my first Alexander Technique session. The sessions have shown me how to work my body correctly. To hold my head in balance, to take the strain off my shoulders and to lengthen the spine.
By using my body correctly I am able to take the strain off lifting. It has also helped with my walking and in particular to when I do my ironing it is much easier.
I have been practicing the Technique with Kim for over a year – I can’t believe the difference in the way I am now doing things. I would really recommend the Alexander Technique to anyone who wants to learn how to carry out activities with less effort and strain on the body.