The Alexander Technique has been proven to help with back pain and neck pain in clinical trials.

This is what a few of my clients have had to say about its benefits to them and how it has improved how they live their lives.

Yvonne - now takes fewer painkillers for her back pain

On a visit to my GP last summer after enduring chronic back pain for some weeks, she suggested that I try the Alexander Technique rather than serious painkillers. I found Kim's website and made an initial appointment. I had not researched Alexander Technique prior to visiting Kim so went with a completely open mind. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis but knew that the back pain was not related to the existing condition. I have not looked back and now understand how important posture and balance really are.

Richard - improved management of back pain

I have suffered with lower back pain for more than 15 years, caused by a herniated disc.
I had traction, physio and ultimately a spinal injections, none of which provided long lasting relief.

I discovered the Alexander Technique about 5 years after my injury.
This allowed me to live a pretty normal life with much less pain and many more capabilities.
For 10 years I did not require any medical intervention.

Suzy - Long term benefits, less back pain

Suzy came to my 5 week introductory group class & 5 week follow on class over 2 years ago & I recently interviewed her about her ongoing experiences of learning the Alexander Technique
“Better knowledge of anatomy & how I move. Awareness of body movement and posture. How you do things and generating new good habits that are better. You start to feel better and then if you do things that are not in such a good way you notice it as it starts to hurt or feels uncomfortable.
The follow on was a good reminder and practical based on the way I use my body in everyday activities.”
I then asked her the long term benefits:

Ruth - neck pain has improved

Ruth attended evening classes

I have long term neck and shoulder problems, so thought I’d give it a try.
The classes were fun. We did lots of guided practice together, as well as being taught about the techniques.
By the end of the course I had reduced my painkillers, and regained some height.
I would recommend it, even for the fit and healthy, to keep themselves that way.

Glad I did it. The classes were good, and I’m still using what I learned.


Margaret - making life easier

I found I was very relaxed after my first Alexander Technique session. The sessions have shown me how to work my body correctly. To hold my head in balance, to take the strain off my shoulders and to lengthen the spine.

Margaret - problems with walking after accident

August 2015

I was already a student of Kim's when I fell off a bike and broke my
kneecap in February. I was in a cast from ankle to mid thigh and 
partially weight bearing on crutches. Kim assessed my walking and guided 
me in how to walk on my crutches in a more balanced way.

Over the next few months, the walking techniques Kim had taught me previously, I 
was able to re learn how to walk without a limp.

Lyn - chronic back pain 

I have had chronic lower back pain for approx 7 years

Lorraine - healthy backs workshop

 I now think about my posture and find myself much more aware of it.  I also bought a wedge cushion for my chair at work which helps too.

Lindsay - Improved posture and reduced pain

My particular problems are Fibromyalgia, stress related head and neck pain, jaw pain which caused trigeminal neuralgia on a regular basis. My one to one appointments with Kim have helped me immensely and I am so glad that I decided to go for it and book an initial session.

Frank - knee pain and problems walking

Following a cartilage injury to my Knee and follow up physio I found that I was walking with a pronounced limp, I needed to relearn how to walk .  After a few Alexander sessions with Kim my limp has now gone, I am able to walk much further comfortably and my core strength is improving. Highly recommended.


Audrey and Barbara - you're never to old to learn the Alexander Technique!

 At 94 and 85 years, we have enjoyed (and benefited from) her lessons in the Alexander Technique. She has sensitive hands to identify trouble spots, energy, resourcefulness in her approach...and a sense of fun! Many folk would have been discouraged by the thought of eighty or so years of misuse!

Angela - long term benefits

I recently interviewed Angela 6 years after taking lessons and asked her about the long term benefits:
“I am not in pain everyday like I was and I didn’t know what to do about it. If you don’t know what you are doing wrong you don’t know how to fix it.

David - Long term back pain sufferer

It was only by chance that I saw Kim's Alexander Technique course advertised on a notice board in a local shopping centre. I had suffered from lower back pain for around six years and had been under a chiropractor for that time. Regular chiropractic wasn't really helping me as I would often be left in more pain after the treatment. I was not getting a proper explanation as to what was causing the pain and on my last visit it was suggested that the pain was in my head! To add insult to injury, I had paid around £1600 for it. My AT course was £60 which was such a fantastic investment in myself and considerably less than I paid for chiropractic treatment.

Helen - Improved posture

I approached Kim to help with my general posture and riding seat. Although I don't have any physical ailments, having spent much of the past ten years tied to a desk job I was beginning to feel that my posture was suffering.


December 2015

I contacted Kim as I had been advised by my consultant that the Alexander Technique would be the best long term help for my bulged disc in my neck. I am so glad that I did as Kim is an excellent teacher, has great knowledge and tailors each session so that it is life relevant to you.

Jon - Long term back pain

"Having suffered from back pain for 12 years I have been through numerous physiotherapy sessions and pain clinics.

Mostly, the advice I have heard is that my injury is incurable and that I would suffer from back pain for the rest of my life.

I came across the Alexander Technique and was naturally cynical that this could work "for me", after all even a surgeon had told me there was nothing that could be done to help.

However, I gave it a try with a discounted first session and an open mind. I've never looked back since.


I decided to walk across to the retail park today. When I got back and checked my fitbit it said that I had covered 5.4 miles for the day.

Seeing that I had only been pottering about in the house before that including a lot of time at my computer desk, I must have walked near enough five miles.


My neck pain has gone, I am more aware of my standing, sitting, bending walking and writing, all of which have improved.

So thank you very much indeed. I have enjoyed our sessions together and would gladly recommend you to others.


“Kim came to speak to a retirement group I belong to and as the Alexander Technique was something I had thought of learning about for a while I was very interested.  Her talk to the group was inspiring so I arranged to take some sessions as an individual.

This proved to be an excellent choice as I both enjoyed the sessions and came away with some ideas and exercises which have made a difference to the way I move.  With less effort I am now able to rise from the chair, climb stairs and lift my granddaughter.


Kim communicates total confidence in the Alexander Technique from the first lesson.

This is perhaps most important in the physical realm because AT is only really meaningful as a lived experience. I felt at ease with Kim from the very beginning and over the course of a year I have much less pain and more ease in movement than I’ve felt in a long time.