Suzy came to my 5 week introductory group class & 5 week follow on class over 2 years ago & I recently interviewed her about her ongoing experiences of learning the Alexander Technique

“Better knowledge of anatomy & how I move. Awareness of body movement and posture. How you do things and generating new good habits that are better. You start to feel better and then if you do things that are not in such a good way you notice it as it starts to hurt or feels uncomfortable.
The follow on was a good reminder and practical based on the way I use my body in everyday activities.”
I then asked her the long term benefits:

“I have fewer massages & incidents of back pain. Incidents of back pain which used to be about every 3 months and lasted around 2 weeks. This could in the past have been set off by a simple activity such as getting in and out of a chair and my back or neck would seize up. Now I am down to almost none, just one massage once a year more for pleasure really.”

“Its amazing – an understanding of just how your body works. You hear the wrong things – sit up straight like in the old Victorian era. Its not about trying to do the right thing.”

When asked about the benefits of group learning. “You see other people eg shoulders hunched up. You can give feedback and observations. You feel its OK to do that as we all have habits that we are not aware of and its good to learn about them.”

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