August 2015

I was already a student of Kim's when I fell off a bike and broke my
kneecap in February. I was in a cast from ankle to mid thigh and 
partially weight bearing on crutches. Kim assessed my walking and guided 
me in how to walk on my crutches in a more balanced way.

Over the next few months, the walking techniques Kim had taught me previously, I 
was able to re learn how to walk without a limp.

Six months on I am cycling regularly again, often 20 - 30 miles at a time and back dancing 
modern jive..The Alexander Technique has enabled me to gain full 
mobility without the fear of holding back because of pain.

Kim explains the Technique very clearly and - aligns your body 
with her hands. She is very innovative in her approach and willing to 
experiment with new techniques, many of which she has introduced me to.


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