Jon - Long term back pain

"Having suffered from back pain for 12 years I have been through numerous physiotherapy sessions and pain clinics.

Mostly, the advice I have heard is that my injury is incurable and that I would suffer from back pain for the rest of my life.

I came across the Alexander Technique and was naturally cynical that this could work "for me", after all even a surgeon had told me there was nothing that could be done to help.

However, I gave it a try with a discounted first session and an open mind. I've never looked back since.

After a few sessions I started to pick up the techniques, and haven't been so free of pain in 12 years.

Since I started the sessions, I have gone from experiencing pain on a daily basis to only experiencing pain once or twice a fortnight. I have even been able to take up cycling, decorating and gardening without suffering from the agony these used to lead to." Jon (Bolton)