Get Britain Standing Campaign

I have recently registered as an official supporter of the Get Britain Standing Campaign. As an Alexander Technique Teacher I am strongly in favour of people looking at new ways of working to avoid the problems that prolonged sitting can cause. In the very first lesson with a client I always stress the importance of taking regular breaks from sitting at a desk and encourage walking around every 20-30 minutes. Alexander Technique lessons involve tuition in the best way to sit at a desk and to avoid harmful postural habits. I also work with restoring people's natural balance in standing and walking. Standing hunched over a desk will be no better for your posture than sitting and is very likely to lead to back pain.

I can work with people observing their habits when standing and give instruction as to how best to stand when using a standing desk. Read my blog for useful hints on how to use a standing desk and avoid back pain. 

A useful standing height calculator


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