Get Britain Standing Campaign

I have recently registered as an official supporter of the Get Britain Standing Campaign. As an Alexander Technique Teacher I am strongly in favour of people looking at new ways of working to avoid the problems that prolonged sitting can cause. In the very first lesson with a client I always stress the importance of taking regular breaks from sitting at a desk and encourage walking around every 20-30 minutes. Alexander Technique lessons involve tuition in the best way to sit at a desk and to avoid harmful postural habits. I also work with restoring people's natural balance in standing and walking. Standing hunched over a desk will be no better for your posture than sitting and is very likely to lead to back pain.

I can work with people observing their habits when standing and give instruction as to how best to stand when using a standing desk. Read my blog for useful hints on how to use a standing desk and avoid back pain. 

A useful standing height calculator


Get Britain Standing.Allied Health Professional

Alexander Technique receives praise from doctor 

A RETIRED west of Ireland consultant has advocated far greater awareness of the Alexander Technique in medical training and practice.
Ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon Kieran Tobin said he found the relief gained from the technique to be “quite incredible”, after he was treated for chronic neck problems. The technique purports to improve body posture and movement and relieve chronic stiffness, tension and stress. 


New research shows benefit of Alexander Technique in NHS Pain Clinics

Sufferers of chronic pain may benefit from learning the Alexander Technique in NHS outpatient pain clinics according to a new study. More than half of the service users in the study stopped or reduced their use of medications between the start of the lessons and three months.

More details on NHS Pain Clinics Research into the value of Alexander Technique


New Study into the fear of falls at Hull University

Researchers at Hull University are taking an innovative new approach to help older people who suffer from a fear of falling.
The fear of falling is itself one of the biggest causes of falls amongst the elderly.A fall can then lead to a hospital visit, and sometimes serious health complications.Dr Lesley Glover's team in the Department of Psychological Health and Wellbeing are taking a unique approach to the problem.
They plan to use the 'Alexander Method', a form of mental and physical training used by gymnasts, dancers and actors, to help older people overcome the fear of falling, whilst making them steadier on their feet at the same time.
"We're investigating - it's a new approach to help with worry about falls. And although there's good evidence that the Alexander Technique helps with with falls, and it can also help improve people's confidence and mood."

The Alexander Technique benefits sufferers of back pain - Industry Today

Study shows benefits for everyone 


New campaign to improve the design of school chairs

STAT is campaigning to improve the design of school chairs. Watch the You Tube Video which illustrates how poor chair design = poor posture = poor performance at school. If we want to improve the attention span & how children perform at school we should look at the way they sit first.


Backcare Doctor gives Alexander Technique 5/5 for back pain treatment

How I can get rid of back pain without taking pills.


Exploring the theraputic benefit of the Alexander Technique

New research from the University of Hull has investigated the theraputic benefit of touch and the psycho-physical effects of learning the Alexander Technique on well being.

read the article

Twiggy uses the Alexander Technique to retain her youthful posture

 How do you stay in shape?

"One of my passions is tap dancing – it's great exercise and it's brilliant for your head too. I have been to the gym on and off, but I much prefer Pilates because of the stretching. And I go to Alexander Technique too – my posture has never been great, but I hope I slouch less now."

Walking with poise - The Daily Mail

How to improve your poise when walking & prevent stooping in old age