Group Classes & Workshops

An introduction to the Alexander Technique (Mindful movement classes) - Lymm Youth & Community Centre

Group classes are currently suspended but please contact me to book on future classes.

5 week course Cost £65 including refreshments in the coffee break

This is a practical introduction where you will be able to pick up skills that you can utilise straight away in your daily life - applying Mindfulness to everyday situations & activities


During the session we will cover the basic principles of the Alexander Technique & an introduction to the HEAD< NECK<BACK relationship which is important in preventing mis-use of the back. We will also cover basic anatomy, how to bend without strain, sitting at a computer / driving. Walking and climbing stairs. Applying the Technique to your hobbies such as gardening or hill walking. Part of the sessions will also include lying down on the floor in the active rest position which is a great way to release muscular tension in the back & torso, and it helps improve your posture too.

What previous attendees of workshops / evening classes have said "A great course. Some really usefull ideas and quite easy to put into practice."

"I enjoyed the course. I didn't know what to expect but it was much more than my expectations".

"I liked the way we were encouraged to join in and discuss our observations. I liked the practical hands on approach."

"I have started to introduced the techniques into my day to day living"

"I have not experienced back pain in the last few weeks"

"I am more self aware & my back is much 'happier'" 


Please contact me with your details & for further information. 

Contact me to book on the classes