The Alexander Technique and Back Pain
In August 2008 a clinical trial was published in the British Medical Journal.
This scientific study compared the effectiveness of Alexander Technique lessons exercise and massage for chronic and recurrent back pain.
The study involved 579 patients. Results / outcomes were measured using the Roland Morris Disability Score where patients were asked to respond to statements representing the ways that back pain affects a patient’s life and also the number of days in pain over a 28 day period.
The best results of the trial were found in the group of patients receiving 24 Alexander Technique lessons. In this group one year after the trial the patients had a 42% reduction in the number of activities limited by lower back pain and the number of days in pain over a 28 day period had reduced to 3 days per month compared with 21 days in pain in the control group which received normal GP care. 
This represents an 86% reduction in the number of days in pain.